Yoga Programs

Yoga for Beginners

Six weeks

Build the foundations of your yoga practice with Yofit.

This programme is for you if you’ve never done yoga or have tried one or two sessions. If you want to really get going with yoga, then let us start this amazing journey and enjoy the benefits of Yoga with Yo.Fit.


Over six weeks, you’ll learn the basics of Yoga and start practicing basic yoga asanas. You will be confidently practising all the Yoga asanas of Level 1 with Yo.Fit Team.

1. Experience simplified techniques of Yoga with our Team.
2. Explore some of the most common yoga poses and how you can adapt them to suit your body.
3. Learn about the importance of the breath in yoga and how to synchronise it with movement.
4. Practise the different poses together in Sun Salutations.
5. Experience the other elements of yoga beyond just asana (yoga poses) with an introduction to Pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation.

Yoga For

3 Weeks

Anything done for 3 weeks becomes a habit.

Anything done for 3 weeks becomes a habit. Try our Yoga Sessions for 21 days and then make it a habit for lifetime. This great routine will transform your life!

This programme is all about establishing a healthy, regular yoga habit. You will get one set of Yoga sessions every day to practise, which will include a few Asanas, Pranayamas and Simplified Exercises. Get your friends and family to join you and by the end of these 21 days stepping onto your yoga mat in the morning will become second nature.


Practising yoga daily in the morning has so many benefits including:

1. More energy for the day ahead
2. Greater willpower and focus
3. Healthier digestion
4. Better sleep

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Yoga for Children

4 weeks

Yo.Fit offers a wonderful simplified version of Yoga for children.

Yo.Fit offers a wonderful simplified version of Yoga for children. Yo.Fit believes that each child is unique and born with enormous potential. We at Yo.Fit offer a unique possibility for every child to experience a joyful blossoming of his/her natural potential.


This program introduces Yoga to children in such a way that, they explore fun, love, joy and happiness throughout. This program helps each child to develop and live in optimal health and inner peace. It is offered by Yo.Fit Team with full support and care.


Yo.Fit Yoga Children’s program consists of an introduction to yoga practices including a few simple life enhancing Asanas and Kriyas. The program content is presented through fun games and play enabling children experience a sense of belonging and unity with life. Children feel a great change in their lives.


Children through these programs often experience enhanced concentration and memory, more focus, and improved mind-body coordination. These practices help children prevent obesity, sinusitis, asthma and other chronic ailments.

Yoga for


The purpose of Corporate Yoga is simple, to transform the tension and fatigue in your workplace

The purpose of Corporate Yoga is simple, to transform the tension and fatigue in your workplace to alertness, stamina and greater productivity. Whether you are a Software Engineer, Doctor, Lawyer, Banker, Actor or Politician, we will help you to obtain better results in your work and give a better service to your clients.


We guarantee that each employee will leave the class feeling refreshed, recharged and restored. They will be better able to deal with the pressures of workplace.


We at Yo.Fit offer a unique selection of yoga techniques that are proven to dramatically reduce stress and thereby increase productivity. The program includes:

1. Easy postures with slow rhythmic breathing.
2. Techniques to release deep-seated stresses by a progressive journey within.
3. Deep relaxation techniques through thoroughly researched sessions of 35 mins each.


Program Benefits:

1. Improved efficiency in Performance.
2. Promotion of positive health at the physical, mental, emotional and social plane.
3. Prevention and self-management of stress ailments like hypertension, angina, insomnia, etc.
4. Emergence of effective team spirit.
5. Happy homes and better domestic life with peaceful living.


Our Corporate Programs are available in Physical as well as online formats.