Mental Constitution Test

Mental Constitution Test

We all have sattvic, rajasic and tamasic moments – this is natural. This questionnaire will offer some feedback to see if you are drifting away from sattva and becoming more rajasic or tamasic, as is so common in our culture. If you notice that drift, use your findings, and this moment of honest self-reflection, to inspire a shift back to the joy and love within.


Please take the questionnaire and tally up your scores. Remember, the gunas are always changing and, as such, this questionnaire is not intended to provide a static diagnosis. The idea is simply to bring awareness to the places where we tend to go out of balance. I will then try to offer some strategies to navigate our way back to a more sattvic experience of life.


Sattva is when there is no need for the mind to provide protection; you are free to be yourself fully. Rajas is that first attempt of the mind to protect and offer sensory or emotional stimulation, creating a temporary experience of satisfaction. Tamas is a more aggressive, emotional attempt to be safe and secure.


 Circle the answer that best applies to your current experience. Tally the answers to determine your Emotional Body Type.

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1.What is your regular diet: *
2.Do you take alcohol or drugs: *
3.How much do you sleep: *
4.How is your sex drive: *
5.How much are you in control of your senses: *
6.How is your speech: *
7.What level of cleanliness do you maintain: *
8.How would you describe yourself at work: *
9.How frequently do you get angry: *
10.How much do you desire: *
11.How big is your pride: *
12.Do you suffer from depression: *
13.What kind of love applies to you: *
14.How frequently are you violent: *
15.How much are you attached to money: *
16.What is your level of contentment: *
17.How easily do you forgive others: *
18.How is your concentration: *
19.How is your memory: *
20.How is your willpower: *
21.Do you offer some service for others/society: *
22.How honest are you: *
23.Do you have peace of mind: *
24.How frequently do you do spiritual study: *
25.How frequently do you do meditation: *
26.How frequently do you expresses joy: *